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Wine Corks

The inclusion of wine corks in the decoration of weddings and wedding receptions is a very hot craze right now. If you and your partner are wine lovers, you should definitely check all the ways brides and grooms are using corks now-a-days.

Vineyards are very popular wedding venues and this locale comes with the assumption that there will be wine (at least that vineyard’s brand) at the reception. Besides the fermented grape juice itself as a libation, there are other ways people are incorporating wine in their receptions.

Pinterest is alive with suggestions on how to give your corks a second life and a greater purpose during your day. Some of our favorites include creative ideas such as incorporating the corks in the tables’ centerpieces and the use of the corks for the guest book. For instance, for the centerpieces, consider filling vases full of corks and either putting flowers or a small candle on top. As for the guest book, consider having guests sign their names and/or well-wishes to a cork and dropping it into a shadow box to display in your house. A third idea is to take a large amount of your corks and place them in a picture frame or glassless shadow box, so as to create a corkboard to put family pictures or your seating chart or other important items on.

If you’re not thinking decorations, think wedding favors! For example, Etsy has vendors who offer personalized corks with your initials and the wedding date. (You could also add a magnet and make these a one-of-a-kind “Save the Date.”) Or, consider buying blank ones in bulk and grab some calligraphy pens for a DIY project. These corks can be used as keychains; just pick up some screw eyes and key rings and, with a little time, they’ll be a great favors. Another option is to use the corks as the escort or table cards. Just cut a slit into each cork and insert one escort card into each, leaving them at the entry table to your reception so guests can easily locate their seating arrangement.


We love this craze because it allows the couple to repurpose the corks from the wine they have enjoyed over the course of their relationship into a cute craft for everyone to enjoy! If you haven’t been saving your corks though, try contacting a local vineyard to see what they do with the used corks from wine tastings.

If you are a wine lover, you should definitely consider checking some of these ideas out! After all, it gives you a reason to sit down and have another glass in the spirit of wedding planning.

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