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Hiring a photographer for your wedding can be an expensive thing. Shelling out thousands of dollars for pictures for your big day might not appeal to you. And, even after spending all that money, the one or two professional people you’ve hired may still miss some of your guests’ craziness, because they are so focused on you and your partner.

I went to a wedding a few weeks ago, where the bride had registered on a new app called WedPics. Straight through the App Store and completely free to install and use, the app was a phenomenal success with all the guests!

Sign up for the app is a quick and easy process that allows users to log in with Facebook or via an email address. Once inside the app, there are multiple features to use, including pages that allow couples to add as much or as little information about the wedding as they desire. For instance, there is an “Accommodations” section where information about local hotels and motels can be added, as well as directions and maps. Another page, titled “Events” is for just that and may be added to include information on the upcoming wedding events such as time, date, and location. Lastly, “Registries” encourages you to link you registries to the app so guests can find the perfect gift for you.

Still, as the website is titled, its main purpose is for pictures and videos of the wedding and the events leading up to and following the main event. The app contains categories for pictures which include: “Ceremony,” “Reception,” “Honeymoon,” “Wedding Shower,” “Engagement,” “Memory Lane,” and “Our First Year.” Such a wide and extensive variety of categories allows the newlyweds and guests to share in every aspect of the celebration and we love it! Talk about online scrapbooking! This website even keeps tabs of who uploads the photos and allows you to write a blurb for each one, allowing guests can keep track of who is in the photo and what is happening.

Additionally, you can use other mediums besides cell phones for picture taking, as the app allows you to upload photos after the fact via phone or computer. The beauty of this allows means that you can take whatever pictures you want at the event and not worry about uploading anything until afterwards.

Still more, the website encourages videography, which could alleviate some expense for the couple that wants to see everything that happens during their ceremony. Phones now-a-days are amazing things and we think that asking a friend or loved one, who isn’t involved in the wedding party, to record the walk and vows and such on their phone and to upload it to the app is a great idea.

Overall, we think this app is a great new craze and definitely something we can get behind. We think this will quickly replace the digital camera craze! That’s not to say that a professional photographer is not a good idea. In fact, we believe just the opposite. But, we think that with the use of this app to be cost free and oh so easy, there’s no harm in letting your family and friends snap some pictures of the wedding and reception. Plus, family and friends can order prints of their favorites, without having to go through the newlyweds to get pictures from the photographer.

For more information about the app and what it does, check out!

By Katie

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