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Top 5 Wedding Cookie Favors

For this "Top 5," we sat down with Amy from Bijou's Sweet Treats again to talk about her favorite ways to do cookie favors. Listed in descending order, this "Top 5" will show you a slightly different way to do little gifts for your guests. We love the fact that these are something your guests are sure to enjoy multiple ways, first by sight and then by taste!

5. 4-inch Drop Cookies

Pros: These large cookies are fabulously delicious and provide an old-time flare, perfect for the southern chic wedding theme. Choose from Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chip Coconut Pecan, Double Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, and White Chocolate Craisin.
Cons: Besides flavor, there’s no way to customize these cookies to match your colors and theme.

4. Mixed Cookie Boxes

Pros: These boxes typically include 4 different cookies. You can mix and match flavors to find something that works for you. Filling colors vary and this could be a good way to incorporate your colors in the favor. Our favorites are: s’mores, key lime pie, strawberry shortcake, and raspberry linzer.
Cons: Our top 3 options include the ability to really tailor the cookie favors to your colors and theme, whereas this has fewer options.

3. Monogram Cookie

Pros: These are super cute! What better way to announce the joining of your lives and names than by showing all your guests what your shared initial is.
Cons: These cutsey cookies fall in 3rd place for our Top 5, because, while they are fabulous, they aren’t quite as unique and special as our #1 & #2.

2. 3-tier Wedding Cake Cookie

Pros: This cookie stacks 2 cookies of 3 different sizes to create a mini cookie version of a wedding cake. These are super cute and provide a fun 3-dimensional aspect to your wedding favor.
Cons: Due to the amount of cookies and time necessary to make these beauties, the cost is a bit higher than the other options.

1. Table Card Cookie

Pros: This cookie is our favorite because it knocks out two birds with one stone-you get your wedding favor as well as your place setting/table number for each guest.
Cons: We have no real cons for this cookie, hence 1st place! But, if you really want an over-the-top wedding with multiple favors for guests to take home, maybe you’d want to separate your favors from your table cards, otherwise, this cookie is the perfect favor.

By Katie

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