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Wedding Tree Guest Books

We know you’ve seen these; at the very least you’ve seen them on Pinterest while you’ve been poking around looking for cute ideas for your wedding. Ideas that will make your day super special and unique, and this is definitely one of them. There is no way any other wedding will be able to actually replicate this guest book, simply because no other wedding will have 100% of the guests you have.
We’ve seen this craze in-person at multiple weddings and we think it’s adorable. What we’ve found is that this craze actually comes in a few different varieties, the two most prominent being the fingerprint tree and the signature tree. Either way, it’s a cute way to be able to display your guest book in your house without it cluttering up your coffee table.
So, the first option for the wedding tree guest book is as a fingerprint tree. Couples can choose between canvas or a wooden board as their backdrop for the tree. Next, choose your tree color, we suggest black or silver on white canvas and white or cream on a dark-medium stain board. We also recommend using this color as the color for your names and the wedding date. Drawing the tree is something that couples can do as a do-it-yourself project or consider asking an artistic friend or family member to help you if you don’t want to just order one online.


The next part happens at the wedding reception. Display your canvas or board on a table near the entrance with a sign asking guests to “leaf” their fingerprint and sign their name. Provide stamp ink pads in your wedding colors or a variety of colors for guests’ fingerprints and include fine point markers for guests to write their names next to their print. Make sure to provide baby wipes, Wet Ones, and/or hand sanitizer on the table as well so guests don’t have to spend the rest of the party with painted fingers. If you choose to go with one of the wipes, ensure there is a trashcan located next to the table for the used pieces.
If the second tree appeals to you more, consider doing a different shape that will make this guest book even more uniquely you. Our top two favorites are the 3D guest book tree and the heart-shaped painted tree. The first one is our favorite because it is 3D and rather than leaves, the greenery part of the tree is made up of different sized wooden hearts. The second one has the two main branches of the tree looped up and then down into itself in the shape of a heart. This one also has the couple’s initials in the center of the heart, as if they had been carved into the tree. Set up these guest books similarly to the first two, but rather than providing the ink and cleaners, just include permanent markers for guests to leave well-wishes or just sign their name to a heart or leaf.


We recommend checking around to find what really works for you and your partner. There are so many ways to make your guest book unique now-a-days, rather than just going for the traditional white book, consider tailoring this aspect of your wedding to your personalities. Check back later, we’re going to show you our step-by-step Do-It-Yourself version of this guest book!

By Katie

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