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Top Adventure Wedding Photographers in the Shenandoah Valley to follow 2018

We are surrounded by amazing mountains and having the right photographer that knows how to take advantage of our surroundings can really enhance your wedding photos.

Here are our top adventure style wedding photographers that you should follow in 2018. There were a few key elements we kept in mind while making this list. 1st, they have to be able to or already worked in the Shenandoah Valley area. 2nd, they have to know the land, meaning understanding the mountains and have amazing secret spots for their brides. We also mixed up the type of adventure photographers on this list so you have some that are all advantage style and some have a mix of outdoor and can also do classic bridal style to please your traditional mom and dad. We have some seasoned pro and up and comer on this list and each one of them should be able to make any adventure type bride's dream come true.

All of these vendors we have shared their work before and are some of the most amazing supporters of our blog. Each one of them has unbelievable talent and we would book them in a heartbeat!

By Team SVB

Alex Mari Photography

Paula Bartosiewicz-Reese Photography

Peyton Curry Photography

Kara Leigh Creative

Robert Jinks Photography

Lia Everette Photography

88 Love Stories – Photography

White Sails Creative

Ray Photography Co

Melissa Durham Photography

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