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Tissue Paper Flowers

This is the easiest of the paper flowers we've made. We're on the fence though as to whether it is a DIY wedding win or DIY wedding fail. While the steps are exceptionally easy, we found it difficult to get the flowers perfectly round and frequently found our tests to come out slightly boxy. As the second style of paper flowers we've tried, we have to say that we're more of a fan of the first. These flowers are super lightweight and whimsical due to the tissue paper, but we like the classiness of the first flower type over the ease and speediness of this one.
On our first try, we only used 5 sheets of tissue paper and it was a sad little flower to be sure. Bulking up the amount of paper used bulks up the flower and makes it look more full. On our second try, we used 15 sheets and the flower become much puffier and more like it was supposed to. Yet, even with the additional paper, and alternating back and forth between the side being fluffed, the ball remained more cube looking than anything.
Still, we suggest you check out this DIY wedding stalemate to see if it works better for you than for us. Happy crafting!

What You Need:
Tissue Paper (any color)
Ribbon (we used wrapping paper ribbon, but you can use any kind and color you want)

Steps for Making a Flower:

1. Cut tissue paper into squares. We did 15 6x6 inch squares, the more squares you stack, the fuller the flower will look.

2. Fold the stack of 15 pieces back and forth, accordion-style, the size of the flap will vary according to the size of the tissue square you're starting with. Basically though, you want it to be have multiple folds so that it gives the petals more dimension and movement.

3. Keeping the paper folded/stacked, tie a piece of ribbon around the middle to hold it closed. Cut the ends so they are close to the knot and not hanging out of the tissue once it's fluffed.

4. Loop another piece of ribbon though the first one to create a way to hand the ball and tie it off. You want this piece to form a loop that is longer than the length of the tissue so it will stick out past the ends once they are fluffed.

5. Cut the ends of the tissue in a "v" so each end has a point.

6. Spread the sides open like a fan and begin to fluff the layers by pulling each sheet away from the stack, one at a time. Rotate clockwise around the sides and front and back to try and keep the ball even.

7. Continue fluffing and trying to get the ball spherical until you are satisfied with the shape and fluffiness.

8. Hang it up!
We hope you enjoyed this DIY paper flower and found it as quick and easy as we did! We've got our fingers crossed that this was a DIY wedding win for you and that your flowers came out beautifully! See you next time!
By Katie

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