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Thank You Photos

More and more newlyweds are preparing for their “Thank You” cards before the wedding has even begun. Talk about planning!

We typically talk about how great these crazes are because the newlyweds can customize them to fit their needs, tastes, and personalities. But, when it comes to the “Thank You” cards, they’re always personalized to detail the specific gift the couple received from each guest. Still, this craze takes the preparation of these cards to a whole new level.

When it comes to the wedding, most brides know exactly what they want to see, down to the gifts they’ll receive and the photographs they want taken. With this craze, brides have been preparing to take “Thank You” photos during the post-wedding pictures. Typically, these types of photos depict each newlywed holding a word, either “Thank” or “You,” and smiling at the camera or kissing one another. These photos are then turned into the actual card that is sent out to guests.

The craze itself is super easy to add into your day. Just make sure to talk with your photographer beforehand about the shots you absolutely have to have on your wedding day. This will alleviate pressure for you, because it will be in their hands to remember and ensure your pictures are taken. Additionally, check out online sites such as or to see what each offers and what is available in your price range. Or, if you have a membership, check out for their “Thank You” card options.

This craze is great, because rather than simply sending out a card that says “Thank You,” you are giving guests a sneak-peak at your wedding photos and making the whole thing a little more special and unique. That’s not to say that you won’t still have to sit down and go through your gift list to write a special message to each person, this craze just allows you to make your last wedding-related task a little bit more you.

If you think this is a cute idea, but you want something “more,” check out the ideas came up with! From parasols to sparklers and everything in between, newlyweds can chose between a photo of the two of them or the entire bridal party as a way to say “Thank You” to their guests! We love all the shots they took and think it’s a great reference for brides and grooms who are looking for a way to jazz up this craze!

Whatever you choose, make sure to take multiple pictures so you’re sure to find the perfect one! Happy snapping!
By Katie

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