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Spiral Rose Paper Flowers

We absolutely adore this paper flower for centerpieces and decorations! A simple, yet elegant look, this flower is sure to wow your guests with its multiple layers and countless petals.
This is for sure a DIY wedding win and possibly our new favorite paper flower! We used a beautiful shimmery card-stock in silver and light gold/cream to make a mixed bouquet that wowed us. This is definitely a paper flower we recommend every DIY bride try, because we are sure you will love it. We think the real key to this flower is in the paper and if you pick a color or an assortment of colors that you love, we know you'll love the end results too.
But enough about that, let's get crafting!

What You Need:
Card-stock Paper (any color)
Hot Glue Gun & Sticks
Florist's Foam or Other Foam & Centerpiece Dish (Optional)

Steps for Making a Flower:

1. Cut an oval in the card-stock. We did small 1/4-sheet ones for our flowers and they turned out a good size for us. Adjust the size of the oval to meet your size flower requirements. Also, the oval doesn't need to be perfect, ours definitely wasn't perfectly round, and we've found the imperfection makes it more organic looking.

2. Cut a spiral in the oval. Beginning on the outside edge with a small strip, work your way in, allowing the spiral to grow in thickness as it approaches the middle of the spiral.

3. Roll your flower, begin at the small point where the cut originated and work your way to the middle of the spiral. Don't worry about the circle at the end, that will act as the base of your flower.

4. Using hot glue, attach the spiral of paper to the base oval that was leftover at the end of your cut. This will cause the paper flower to close in and attach to itself so it will be whole.

5. Stick a toothpick through the middle of the spiral rose and poke it through the card-stock at the bottom. This will act as a stem and give you a way to assemble your centerpiece later. Make sure to do it while the hot glue is still a little warm, otherwise it will be too hard to poke through. (You can also pre-poke the whole if the hot glue is a little too warm for your fingers.)

6. Allow the hot glue to cool and dry and your flower is done.

For the Centerpiece:
We put some florist's foam in the middle of a silver plated dish we had picked up from an antique store and arranged our toothpick flowers within it. We alternated between the two colors we chose to give the bouquet more dimension and worked from the outside edge in to ensure the dish was evenly filled.
We definitely recommend you give this paper flower a whirl, it's a great craft to do with other people and it's relatively quick and easy for paper flowers. Have fun and happy crafting!
By Katie

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