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                        How to capture the perfect Sparkler Exit Do's and Don'ts of a Sparkler Exit                      

Well here are our tips!! Hope these help you capture some fun sparkler exit shots.
Our first tip is to use a lens with a low aperture.  We shoot wide open in most cases.  This allows so much more light to come into your lens and allows you to capture the natural setting of the sparkler shot.  We love our 50mm and it’s probably our favorite lens so we use this for comfort as well.

We like to shoot in complete natural light settings which allows us to capture much warmer toned sparkler exits.  We love being able to capture the full affect.  We do however, on occasion, use a flash on and off camera to also mix things up and capture a different sparkler exit effect.

Since there are two of us.  One of us normally shoots natural and the other with a flash to have both options which gives out couples a larger variety of images!  

We hope these few tips will help you with your next sparkler exit shot!

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