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This new thing came to our attention a few weeks ago at a venue’s open house. Apparently, dessert tables have found their match as s’mores tables are catching on fast.

We caught up with Amy of Bijou’s Sweet Treats to get her opinion about this newest craze. She believes that having a s’mores table at a wedding really draws the guests into the activity and makes “dessert an interactive event.” Not only that, but rather than just idly eating the food that’s been prepared, now guests get a chance to make memories while they roast the goodies themselves.

We at Shenandoah Valley Bride love this idea! I mean, what’s more fun than ooey gooey marshmallows roasted on sticks over an open fire. It’s just the epitome of a good time and brings back the joy and innocence of childhood. Not only that, but this craze can work for weddings of every season. Most venues have fire pits that can be lit to draw guests outside to mingle and enjoy the fresh air in spring, summer, and fall. And, for winter weddings, Amy suggests setting up a s’mores station inside. This can be done easily with a banquet table with small burners so guests can still enjoy roasting their own marshmallows, while staying warm and closer to the festivities.

S’mores tables also provide the nontraditional bride and groom with a non-wedding cake option for dessert. There are many options other than cake, but this newest craze is fitting for any theme, from classic elegance to Southern charm, everyone will enjoy this course. Our only suggestion is to make sure you have plenty of napkins on hand for the mess that is sure to occur as guests make memories enjoying your unique treats.

Amy’s advice is to customize customize customize! Rather than just going to the store to pick up the necessities, talk to your baker or cake decorator about getting homemade mallows and crackers. Amy herself offers multiple flavors of each, including chocolate, lemon, raspberry, mint, and cotton candy, among others, for a marshmallow that can be customized to the bride and groom’s specific tastes and color. So, as you’re planning your special day, don’t forget to think about the end of the meal and consider bringing a little something extra to your event through a s’mores table.

For more information on Bijou’s Sweet Treats or her flavor offerings, check out Bijous Sweet Treats or contact Amy at

By Katie

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