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Photo Booths

The photo booth is a very common craze for wedding receptions right now. Like most wedding details, this fad can be customized to the newlyweds’ personalities.
This fad is very versatile and can be designed using props that fit with the wedding’s theme. Consider maps and vintage suitcases or sailors’ hats and a life preserver for a travel themed wedding. Provide cowboy hats and rope for a country-western wedding and lacey parasols and fans for a vintage wedding. Or, go all out for burlap and lace with large chalkboard speech bubbles so guests can give you pictures of what they’re really thinking. You can pre-write these or provide different colored chalk for guests to make their own. For pre-written ones, consider fun things like “I came for the cake” or “Here for the beer!” for the guys and “Kiss Me” or “Happily Married” for the girls.
It can also be as big or little as you want it to be. From dedicating a full corner of your reception space to tables, chairs, trunks, and/or a back-drop to putting some like chalkboard flags on the table with the guestbook, this fad can occupy as much or as little space as you want.
We’ve seen it all with this fad! Brides and grooms can build-their-own with a simple piece of decorated plywood that has been painted as a wall. Just cut out a rectangle window and put a picture frame to border the hole so guests can come to life in their photos. Consider buying paper mustaches or hats on little sticks so guests can jazz up their outfits and make your wedding an even classier place.
The do-it-yourself doesn’t have to be construction oriented either, consider bringing in some furniture from home so guests can get comfy. A simple patterned fabric, ribbon, or barn board backdrop is great with a plush chair or two next to a table of boas and hats.
Too much? Maybe giant “&” signs, bowties, glasses, mustaches, and kissy lips would suit your guests better? Do whatever sounds good to you! The best thing about this craze, besides all the goofy pictures of friends and family that you’ll have by the end of the night, is that there is no wrong answer!
Or, if you want something a little less time consuming for you. Think about going simple and actually renting a real photo booth. This option can get a little pricey, but it also means that you can just have someone deliver it (and man, if that’s what the company requires) and not think about it again until you go back through everyone’s candid photos. Just make sure to have the rental company set the booth to print out 2 sets of photos for each round so that you get a copy of every photo for your scrapbook!
Happy snapping!

By Katie

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