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Origami Paper Flowers
Paper flowers are a new wedding trend that we can definitely get behind. Not only are they super cute and something that can be specifically tailored to your individual tastes and theme, but they’re also pretty cheap.
Flowers in weddings can end up being quite a pain on your pocketbook. From bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids, to boutonnieres for the FOB, FOG, grandfathers, the groom, and groomsmen, add in corsages for the MOB, MOG, and grandmothers, and loose petals for the flower girl(s) and your head starts to spin.
Fortunately for you, we’ve found a DIY wedding win! Now, there are lots of different kinds of paper flowers out there, but one of our crafters found one that is very versatile and can be used for bouquets, table toppers, and even decorations. Below, we’re taking you step-by-step through the process of how to make one such flower. You can use multiple flowers to make the centerpieces and hanging balls or even add some wire to create a stem for a bouquet.

What You Need:

Paper (we suggest using scrapbooking paper, because you can get it in any color or pattern to match your theme; we also suggest avoiding textured papers as they are harder to fold and crease)

Hot Glue Gun and Sticks (lots, you will be gluing each petal together individually)
Make sure you get a really good crease at every fold so the end result will adhere and stay together easier. If you only fold gently and loosely, the flower will not hold the glue well and will want to pop open during the last two steps.

Steps for Making a Flower:

1. Cut your piece of paper into a square. We used a 4 x 4 for the small flower and a 6 x 6 for the large.

2. Taking one corner, fold the square in half diagonally to make a triangle.

3. Face the top away from you and taking the right tip, fold the tip over and up the middle to the point. Repeat with the left tip.

4. Starting with the right triangle, pop the triangle open and press it flat, so the crease that was the long edge becomes a line dividing a kite shape in half. And, repeat with the left triangle.

5. Grabbing the tip of the right kite, fold it back so that it lies even with the base square underneath and becomes a triangle once more. Do the same for the left kite.

6. Taking the right point of the right triangle, fold the paper back along the middle dividing line to create a long thin triangle that is once more within the edge of the base square underneath. Repeat with the left side.

7. Apply a bead of hot glue along one of these long thin triangles and pull them together to glue them (do not bend and crease here). This should look cone-like.

8. Take 5 such petals and begin gluing them together one at a time. Make sure to apply your glue on the short sides of the petals to pull these into the middle of the flower. Allow to set and cool completely.
You did it; now you've got your first paper flower! You can use this flower as a base template for any of the flowers you want in your wedding. Just use your imagination, or for a little more guidance, check out our video below to see how we made a bouquet, centerpiece, and hanging ball!
See you next craft!

By Katie

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