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Naked Cakes

The best thing about all of these new wedding cake crazes is that couples can specifically tailor the dessert to what they truly want and enjoy. Wedding cake as a course or event at a wedding no longer has to be something that is the strictly white-iced three to four-tiered focal point of the reception. This event doesn’t even have to be cake anymore. Couples can do cookie-cakes (something we’ll touch on at a later date), pies, a dessert bar, and so much more!!!

Naked cakes are a fairly recent craze that’s popping up around us. I was talking to Amy from Bijou’s Sweet Treats about an order for a naked cake that she had received less than two weeks before I went to a wedding that also had a naked cake.

What is a naked cake? It’s actually pretty simple, a naked cake is a cake with the layers of cake and the filling, but no outside frosting. It’s a great option for people who’ve never really enjoyed all the excess icing and sugar that comes with a fully frosted cake. So, basically, someone came up with the idea of leaving off the exterior icing and their feelings toward cake seems to have resonated with part of the wedding planning population. There’s a whole naked cake movement now! Seriously, look it up on Pinterest!

It probably seems crazy and heinous to our parents’ generation, but we love it! If you are the type of person to always scrapes off the excess icing to have an even cake-to-icing ratio, then this just might be the perfect wedding cake craze for you! Make sure you check with your wedding cake decorator to ensure he/she is willing to do this style before you set your heart on this craze. If you’re looking for a cake decorator in the Shenandoah Valley, Bijou’s Sweet Treats is always open to trying new things, but in this case, she’s already has experience with naked cakes!

Our only hesitation with this craze is that it may seem disturbingly easy. Simply because there is no icing on the outside, it does not mean that this is an easier cake to make. We behoove you to not pick a naked cake for your best friend’s cousin to make because it looks easier. This is definitely a cake for the professionals to make, especially if you want a jam or curd-like filling. There are stability and structural issues to consider and before you let a friend or loved one take a shot, consider how you’d feel if your cake layers slid off of one another in the middle of the reception.

On that note though, this is still a wonderful option for your wedding cake, if the decorator truly knows what they are doing. We encourage you to not settle for what everyone expects or to order something you won’t eat and enjoy on your wedding day simply because it’s tradition or will look beautiful. Wedding cake decorators can now make beautiful cakes without all the exterior icing! Things are changing in the cake world and we kinda like it!

By Katie

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