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Luray VA

Nestled between the Blue Ridge Mountains and Massanutten Mountain, the town of Luray is the county seat of Page County. Located in the Shenandoah Valley, Page County is in the northern part of Virginia. This puts the area just 90 miles from D.C., making Luray less than a two hour drive from the city.

The United States Census Bureau’s Fact Finder website shows the population of Luray as 4,895, as of the 2010 census. To check out further information on the population and the census’s results, visit them  here and enter “Luray, VA” in the search box.

On a smaller scale, the Luray-Page Chamber of Commerce has put a lot of time and effort into dispersing the history and highlights of the area throughout the town. Signs can be seen around Luray’s downtown loaded with facts about the region. This includes one right outside of the Visitor Center office, which states the town was originally surveyed in 1811 and then established as of February 8, 1812. The sign also states that the economy, which was once based on agriculture and timber, has become one of quiet country living. Within the Visitor Center itself, there are all sorts of materials on the local attractions and the sights to be seen while visiting the area.

The history of Page County attracts many visitors every year, as Page County was a big part of the Civil War. The area was a frequent route of travel for both armies, resulting in multiple battles throughout the stretch. Page County includes multiple monuments and plaques denoting important places throughout the valley. In fact, the Visitor Center has multiple brochures documenting the placement and importance of such plaques and statues. If interested, check out the “Page County, Virginia: Sesquicentennial of The American Civil War Driving Tour,” it highlights 24 sites that were a part of the Civil War and details their history, as well as their location. Another helpful history brochure shows 17 “Civil War Markers & Monuments in Page County, Virginia” and contains a driving map to find these sites.

Luray is more than just history though; it’s a place out of time that still enjoys small-town charm. Considered to be the “cabin capital” of Virginia, there are hundreds of rental properties all over the county. The beauty of the area is not something that is limited to the valley itself, but rather spreads upward, as the valley itself does, into the mountains that provide its boarders. The Blue Ridge Mountains and the Massanutten Mountain each contain walking trails and tourist attractions, in addition to the expected cabin lodging. Skyline Drive and Skyland take up residence on the Blue Ridge and Massanutten Resort makes its home on Massanutten Mountain. Each has a steady stream of visitors from the time they open their gates in the spring til when they restrict access in the winter. Looking for an amazing top-of-the-world experience, just head to their websites to book a stay or check out their schedules for horseback rides, festivals, rock climbing, and even the water park, skiing, and snow tubing at Massanutten.

Additionally, just few years ago, TLC ranked Luray, VA as #2 of the “10 Beautiful Destination Wedding Locales in the United States.” One of the biggest expectations for wedding venues is the beauty of scenery and views and those are something the area has a copious amount of. Shortly after that people around the country began to take notice. From wineries to farms, historic properties to mountain backdrops, and everything in between, Luray has practically any wedding venue that could be imagined, including the limestone caves of Luray Caverns. The Luray-Page Chamber of Commerce invites anyone looking to get married in the area to check out their website,, for extra assistance. And, as always, check out more of Shenandoah Valley Bride for detailed information, reviews, and opinions on venues, vendors, and fads to make your wedding a celebration to be remembered.
By Katie

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