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We first met Kristi and Skyler at the Faithbrooke Barn & Vineyards wedding showcase in January. We had met several couple throughout the day and then these two stopped. It’s so funny because seriously as soon as they came up we just knew they were an AP couples! Needless to say a couple days later after being in contact they were booked. We were so happy! They are so sweet and so adorable!

Winter turned into spring and spring turned into summer and next thing we knew it was engagement session time! We couldn’t believe it was already time for their engagement session! We decided on a field at sunset and oh my, it was beautiful! These two were so affectionate and so natural, it makes our job very easy.  
It was wedding time! It was a beautiful day and a lot cooler than we were use to (thank the good Lord for that!). We arrived at one of our favorite venues which is exactly where we first met this couple; Faithbrooke Barn & Vineyards! We gathered all the details and headed out to capture the beauty of them all. Kristi got into her gown and we devices to utilize the balcony Faithbrooke has and we ended up with some amazing shots. We had a timeline to stick to due to the shuttle arriving shortly, so outside we went for the bridesmaids shots and DONE! We were even able to get Skyler and his guys and finished up right when the shuttle arrived.  
The ceremony started right on time and Skyler walked down the aisle and turned his back to the crowd. His beautiful bride would soon be walking down to him. She walked out and he turned with the biggest smile on his face and tear in his eye. He couldn’t help it, she was stunning. His (almost) wife was about to meet him at the front and take his hand. Ceremonies are so sweet and special! They committed to one another in front of all their friends and families and sealed it with a kiss.  
A few family photos, bridal party and their posed photos and into the reception they went. It was so sweet because after being announced and strutting in, Kristi is overwhelmed with the cheer from the crowd and leans into Skyler with tears of happiness. I swear these two are the sweetest!   
A twirl, a kiss, a dip, a kiss and hug in at the end and their dance was over and it was dinner time. They had some amazing food! These caterers were AMAZING and the food was DELICIOUS!! The sun had stayed hidden throughout the day and finally it decided to come out! We headed outside for some sunset photos and WOW the sun was spectacular! Dancing, a few drinks and cigars! Kristi’s dad night cigars for all the guys and even Skyler’s mom joined in on cigar time.  
This group sure knows how to have a good time. We really enjoyed meeting them all and sharing this species day with them!

Congratulations Kristi and Skyler!!

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