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People are getting more creative with registries now-a-days. Not only are people making multiple registries to ensure that they get exactly what they want from their guests, but now businesses are coming out with more and more creative ways for engaged couples to make their registries.
The newest one we’ve found is very similar to those crowd-funding websites that are popping up all over social media. Honeyfund is the name of this registry and couples can “register” for money to put to the larger items that they are looking for. From money for their honeymoon to money for a new house or appliances for a current house, couples can politely ask for money without seeming too greedy.
Registering for large items the old way rarely guaranteed the gift because the less expensive items typically went faster. Plus, southern hospitality insists that asking for money outright is rude and couples frequently felt guilty for asking for the more expensive items from their friends and loved ones. With Honeyfund, this is no longer a problem!
Originally started to help newlyweds fund their honeymoon, the site boasts that it is “a simple way for wedding couples to register for what they really want—a fantastic honeymoon!” Still, the website accepts more than money for honeymoon, it also accepts registries for the larger items that couples rarely register for.
Started in 2006, you may have seen Honeyfund on the TV show Shark Tank or in TIME, The New York Times, Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, or BRIDES. (Talk about some great publicity there! We can’t believe it’s actually taken us this long to find them!)
If you’re interested in this sort of thing, it’s very easy and user-friendly. Just pop onto their website, add as much or as little information as you want, and send it out to your friends and family via social media, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, or via e-mail. The website also helps with printouts for your engagement party(s). At the wedding where we encountered this craze, the couple said that guests who utilized the website for their gift were prompted to print out a “really cool certificate to put with their money.”
Honeyfund accepts money both online and offline. Funds can be processed online using WePay or PayPal or the can be recorded and given straight to the couple. A little reading showed us that the website was completely free unless guests chose to use WePay or PayPal, at which point, Honeyfund charges a small percentage for the processing fees. Still, we believe it is a small price to pay to get the gifts the couple truly wants. The only other way fees are incorporated in the site are via the optional upgrades, where couples can choose to add features like “registry design themes, gift item images, photos slideshows, and more.”
The bride that first introduced us to this site said she and her groom were very pleased with its success. The bride said the best part was being able to pick whatever gifts and amounts they wanted without directly asking for money. She also said that ultimately they could do whatever they wanted with the money, meaning that they could shift it around so their first and second choices definitely got paid for.
Though no one on staff has tried this website personally, we have seen how it works and heard positive reviews from other couples. We think that if you are interested in more expensive gifts or in trying to get your honeymoon paid for by your guests, this just might be the perfect option for you! Check it out! Visit www.honeyfund.com for examples or more information.

By Katie

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