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Groom’s Cake

For those of you who don’t know, the groom’s cake is a cake that is typically ordered by the bride as a surprise for her groom. Where the wedding cake is typically all white and frilly and wedding-related in flowers and colors and such, the groom’s cake is the antithesis of this. Groom’s cakes are by definition supposed to be for the groom and focused around his favorite things. Think chocolate, red velvet, and strawberry for cake flavors, as the wedding cake is stereotypically vanilla, lemon, or plain white cake.
When it comes to the outside decoration, these cakes are usually anything but white. Most groom’s cakes are sculpted cakes or, at the very least, have decorations that are specific to the groom’s hobbies and favorite things.
I will admit that up until this past weekend, I had assumed that groom’s cakes were just a normal thing for weddings. What I mean is that, when it comes to my experience in the wedding industry there’s always been mention of groom’s cakes. While not a necessity for weddings in the same way that wedding cakes are, if it’s in the budget, brides have a tendency to always want to order one for their grooms. What brought to light the fact that this is in fact a craze, albeit, a very popular and wide-spread one, was the fact that while constructing a groom’s cake for a friend’s wedding, my grandfather stopped by to visit and was completely blown away and confused about the concept. While some of us in the wedding industry may see this as a long-term craze, it is still just that, a craze.

So, ladies, while you’re doing all of your planning, consider this craze an option. It’s just a little way to say thank you to your groom for letting you get away with everything and for making this day what you’ve always dreamed about. It’ll show him just how important he is to you and that you’ve been paying attention to his favorite things. Plus, it’s a great way to make sure he gets something he wants on the most important day of your lives.

If you are in fact thinking about getting a groom’s cake for your wedding, start by thinking of what makes your groom unique. We’ve seen groom’s cakes that are decorated as a stump with an arrow through the top and shotgun shells at the base for the southern groom. For football fans, consider a player’s helmet to show their team spirit. Or, a bass cake that is shaped and hand-painted as the fish for the outdoorsman. For the groom that’s a little nerdier, consider a cake that would appeal to his favorite TV show or comic book, one such example done by Bijou’s Sweet Treats of Luray, is cake modeled after the Dr. Who Tardis. In fact, if you’re getting married in the Shenandoah Valley and looking for one such cake, contact Amy at Bijou’s Sweet Treats first with your ideas and watch your vision come to life! You can reach her at 540-244-0341 or
Have both of your cakes and eat them too!

By Katie

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