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When we arrive, our first task is to capture all of the beautiful details of your day.  Once those are all complete, we move on to getting you dressed.  If there are any last minute things that need to be done, hand it over to someone elseit’s  YOUR day, enjoy it!!

Natural light.  

We love natural light.  In fact, we work strictly on natural light and use our external flashes to a minimum.  We like to use a window for getting ready shots to create a soft, intimate lighting for these portraits.  If we are able to have one window that’s great and if it’s several windows, EVEN BETTER!!  We do advise clearing all personal belongings from the window area or backgrounds as well.  I mean, no wants to see water bottles and purses in the background of a beautiful portrait of you!  
Getting dressed.  

We normally ask the bridesmaids to be dressed so they are in their wedding attire while they dress you.  It’s always best to discuss who should be in the room with you, so people aren’t going in and out of the room while you get dressed.  We also ask for jewelry to be put on after you get dressed or while you’re in your bride robe (if you have one).

Groom Getting Dressed.

We are a team so one goes with the bride and the other with the groom.  Groom portraits are super important as well.  It’s always important to treat the groom the same as the bride!  That’s right grooms, it’s YOUR day too!!  We get so lucky with our couples.  Every one is so fantastic to work with.  Our grooms are always up for anything!  We focus on their details while getting ready, such as, ties, collars, shoes, suspenders, etc.
Take in the moment.

Now take a moment before you walk down the aisle and enjoy it.  Take a deep breath, smile, laugh, share a hug and relax because Ina. Matter of minutes you’ll be walking down the aisle to your soon to be husband!  Wedding days go by so quick and we try to make your experience as efficient as possible so you feel relaxed and can truly enjoy this magical day.
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