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Dessert Tables

This craze is fairly old in terms of what we’ve been covering, but it still deserves recognition.

Dessert tables were a wedding fad that saw rise a few years ago and we are happy to see that they haven’t died out yet. Dessert tables take many forms, from a candy table to having your guests bring a cake to share; there are fun options for every bride and groom. What we love most about this craze is the fact that these tables allow your guests to be kids again. Giving them the choice of what they eat for dessert, rather than simply assuming they’ll all enjoy what you’ve chosen as your wedding cake, is the ultimate wedding guest experience. From matching your colors to picking out your favorite foods, we simply adore the fact that every single aspect of this craze is tailorable to the couple and their unique personality.

An old tradition had guests bringing a small cake for the reception, which would serve as the wedding cake, rather than the newlyweds having to provide all of the food. While this tradition seems to have mostly faded away over the years, the idea of the dessert table has brought back the philosophy of having smaller amounts of a variety of desserts.

We’ve seen many many different versions of the dessert table, from incorporating the wedding cake as the centerpiece of the table to designating the dessert table its own area. You can mix and match everything with these tables, include some candy, cake pops, or mini pies in your color or a variety of colors. It’s also the perfect place to put your food allergies! Seriously, you can order gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and other such specialty desserts and scatter them amongst other goodies on your dessert table so all of your guests feel include. Just make sure to let your caterer know so they can treat these products with the care and attention they deserve. Also, ask your caterer to make tags for your treats so guests know what everything is, this is the perfect way to let your guests with food allergies know which products are safe for their consumption.

Dessert tables are a great option for the couple that wants to cater to all of their guests and to, hopefully, have something for everyone. We recommend talking to your wedding cake decorator and/or caterer about their options for a dessert table, but if you are looking for a few suggestions to consider beforehand, we’ve got them!

We sat down and talked with two of our favorite local vendors, Bijou’s Sweet Treats to get some suggestions for you to consider for your dessert table.

Bijou’s Sweet Treats has a wide selection of dessert table items including, but not limited to, small cakes, cupcakes, specialty and decorated cookies, cake pops, macarons, mini pies, marshmallows, and candied nuts. Amy has years of experience doing dessert tables and she can work with any couple to find what appeals to you the most and make it happen. She offers a wide variety of flavor and color choices to provide you with the exact product you’re envisioning. Check her out at for more information and to browse some of their flavor choices. Just remember, Amy is amazing to work with and will do whatever it takes to make your day special and one-of-a-kind. So, if there’s a treat or flavor that you love and have to have that isn’t on her list, send her an email to see what she can do for you.

The dessert table is just one more way to make your wedding your own. The uniqueness of these tables is part of what makes them so much fun. So, if you’re going to go all out for your wedding, we sincerely recommend that you have your own dessert table.

Until next time, happy planning!

By Katie

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