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We are the go-to site for all things wedding in the Shenandoah Valley and along the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Here's a little bit about us: we're just a few friends who’ve found ourselves involved in the local wedding scene and decided to pass our knowledge and opinions on for all of you looking to get hitched in the area. We sat down one day for coffee and started discussing the need for an all inclusive site where engaged couples and their families can find all the information for wedding-related businesses in the area. And, next thing you know, here we are. Amongst our ranks, we have a writer, editor, computer guy, stylist, and more and we are going to give you everything we've got!

Our plan is to post information and our views about everything from wedding venues to caterers and cake decorators to photographers. We’ll share our thoughts on the latest trends and any craze that has taken the wedding scene by storm, including Pinterest favorites. Additionally, as we’re exploring these trends, we’ll share any tips, tricks, or DIY projects that you all may find useful when planning your wedding. The plan is to provide you all with at least one new post a week so that you will be receiving a continuous stream of information. We're also going to give you some of the history and tourist destinations for each area so you will get a real sense of the place you've chosen for your nuptials.

The Shenandoah Valley encompasses eight counties in Virginia and two counties in West Virginia.

The cultural region includes five more counties in Virginia

Between the Roanoke Valley in the south and Harpers Ferry in the north, where the Shenandoah River joins the Potomac, the Valley cultural region contains 10 independent cities:

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