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5 Creative Tips for A Memorable Adventure Wedding Photo

One of the most gifted landscape and adventure photographer in Virginia, Peyton Curry has a unique way of seeing the world and translate her vision into gorgeous wedding photography. When we 1st saw some of her work, we right away knew that there is something special about Peyton that can't be taught. True art comes from the soul of the artist so we spend some time with Peyton and ask her what are the 5 most memorable photos and some insight into her creative mindset.

Team SVB
All photos are by Peyton Curry Photography
One of my core values as a person (and what’s a big part of my brand/work) is appreciating the landscape around us. The outdoors inspire me like no other, and I strive to incorporate the natural world into my work as much as possible! So in this photo, I wanted to get a wider shot of the space right as the sun was going to set over the mountains. I had Mira & Sid face in opposite directions simply because of the space they created to let the sun seep through, and the mood the pose prompts. We were also in Saguaro National Park, which is home to hundreds and hundreds of Saguaro (which you can see in the background), so having them stand with space, compliments the repeating lines of the cacti.
Landscape + space (like previously mentioned) inspired this photo — I adore the use of symmetry + wanted to incorporate the mountains with the movement of the bride. I tend to naturally gravitate towards shooting around nature/landscapes no matter the shooting situation.
I am a sucker for sweet details, so when Cristina (the bride) set aside extra time to shoot them, I was over the moon! She handed me a box of everything she wanted photographed and I went to town. I tend to style + play around with details mindlessly until I feel as if it looks balanced. Here, Cristina brought a mix of materials; the metallic plate, wooden table, linen cloth, heavy paper, rings, and greenery are all very different in regards to their make up + texture, which made pairing them all together incredibly complimentary. Every aspect stands out + is noticeable, without being too overbearing or loud. I could photograph details forever! (Also again repeating my love for symmetry + balance).
Close ups! During a wedding or elopement day I always always make sure to get some of these. In close ups, you have the power to capture SO much emotion. Emotion is not only shown through facial expressions, tears, etc, but also through the most subtle of gestures — hands, arms, fingers, skin/goose bumps, light + shadow, and movement. We got lucky with the wind, and Nicole + Josh have some wicked beautiful hair. Side note: wind + fog are my all time favorite weathers to shoot in, and inspire the heck out of me.
Anna is probably the most timeless feeling bride I’ve photographed to date (in ways of her style and most elegant mannerisms). We pulled out of the reception for a bit (to an area down the street from her grandparents house in VA beach, where the wedding took place) to shoot some sunset portraits. We had to hop over a guard rail and walk a bit to get to the spot. This photo was an in-between moment (walking to where we would take more portraits) + Anna was in mid-sentence, but those in-between moments feel so much realer, so much more true. Those are my favorite moments to capture, and often require no direction or prompting. You simply observe, and wait for them to come.  
All photos are by Peyton Curry Photography

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