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“I Do” BBQ

How cute is this?!

We love that it rhymes and just seems to happily roll off your tongue! Anyway, I went to one of these a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love. For any and all country, burlap and lace loving brides and grooms, this just may be the perfect thing for your Rehearsal Dinner.

Why take yourself completely out of your element to go to a swanky dinner where no one in your bridal party will be comfortable, least of all you two? There’s no point, because people have come up with a Southern-sweet alternative to the Rehearsal Dinner: the “I Do” BBQ.

Inside or out, allow your guests to come comfortable in their Wranglers and boots. Plaid is always a perfect option for BBQs and if you’re going for a country wedding anyway, you know this is probably the preferred attire for your guests.

Rather than having a 5-course meal served to you one course at a time, this craze caters to the buffet style to allow guests more chance to mix and mingle. This craze pairs perfectly with burlap and lace tablecloths, bows, and flowers. And, if that happens to be your theme, most of these decorations can be re-used for the wedding reception too!

Choose casual BBQ-style food for this like hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, and/or ribs for the meat and coleslaw, potato or pasta salad, and anything you’ve found on Pinterest that can be made and served in a mason jar! This is the perfect opportunity to pick the bride and groom’s favorite foods!

We love how casual this craze is and think it’s a wonderful alternative to the tradition Rehearsal Dinner. If moving away from the traditional Rehearsal Dinner doesn’t appeal to you but you still love the craze, the “I Do” BBQ also works well for showers! If the wedding shower has more appeal for you, we recommend doing a couples shower for this one and inviting everyone in pairs!
By Katie

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